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L.I. Locksmith & Alarm Co., Inc   d/b/a

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Door Automation System Experts - L.I. Automatic Doors formerly DOR-O-MATIC of NY

ICU CCU  Doors - Door Automation Experts

L I Automatic Doors has the expertise needed for outfitting Hospitals, Health Care and Medical Facilities which have highly specialized access needs. Whether you need new doors or to keep your existing doors working like new, we're the company for you!

We have Solutions for moving patients safely and swiftly from area to area while maintaining safeguards related to fire, smoke, wind, security and dozens of other critical considerations.

L.I. Automatic Doors offers a large variety of door options to meet the needs of any opening!  Solutions for Health Care Facilities, Major Retailers, Supermarket Chains, Assisted Living Centers, Office Buildings, Hotels & Lodging, Transportation hubs and just about everywhere else

We carry an extensive line of replacement parts & conversion solutions.  Our Staff and technicians have the experience to resolve any questions or situations.

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